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Best North East Wedding Photography 2023

That’s it, my final weddings of 2023 have been delivered and it’s time for me to share my favourite wedding photos from the entire year. As an almost always positive person I like to focus on the highs, and 2023 had a lot of them. If you just want to see the photos, scroll down, but if you want to read a little about my year and why I have chosen the images then read on…

Firstly, the images I have picked are my personal favourite photos, not always the couples favourites or the ones that will appeal the most to other photographers. Hopefully you will see a similar style in these images to what you see and read across my whole website. I focus on moments, real emotion and capturing images that I believe my couples will most treasure both straight away and years later. As I am going through all the weddings I have photographed in 2023 I just look for those photos that stand out to me, make me remember what it was like to be there and captures the feelings.

Award Winning Photography

Ending the year being named in the Top 10 wedding photographs by the NineDots community was a huge highlight for me. With so much talent I was extremely surprised to win a total of six awards and ending in the Top 10 worldwide.

I also received my first award from This is Reportage. One of the hardest documentary wedding photography award competitions to win and a goal of mine for a few years.

Although awards are not always my main aim and obviously my couples loving their photos is always my priority, it was nice to be recognised by such amazing organisations.

Prefer watching a video? Check out the slideshow or scroll down to see the images.

My favourite images of 2023

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