Even the smallest moments
tell big stories.

Creative & real documentary style wedding photographer.

So you want to know how I will work at your wedding?

Ok, you got it, here’s the 411 (definitely not cool enough to use that phrase!).

When you enquire with me, the first thing (after a little dance) I wonder how you met, what’s happened between then and now to get to the whole ‘getting down on one knee thing’ and what kind of vibe the wedding is going to have.

I’m intrigued by your story. I don’t just think couple, I think (insert your names here). Your relationship is unique and your wedding will be too, so you want photos that show that, right?

I use the words like FUN, REAL & DOCUMENTARY a lot to describe my style of wedding photography. What that basically means is, I capture you and your day as it is, all the fun and all the personalities. It’s a wedding, you are individuals, real people with real connections and I want to capture that. Apart from a few relaxed and natural portraits and family formals (if you want them of course, or your Nan wants them), I capture your day with minimal posing, moving or interrupting the moments.

How it all works…

Step 1
Get in touch

Like the look of my work and think we will get on? Great, GET IN TOUCH here. I just need a few details on a form and I will check my availability and send a lovely reply with pricing, next steps etc.

Step 2
Relaxed chit chat

We will arrange a relaxed chat over a tea (gin) either in person or virtually. This helps you to get to know me and my style. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you have.

Step 3
Secure the date

Pay a £300 deposit, sign a contract and the day is yours! Key dates book up quickly so get your skates on.

“It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other”

Good Will Hunting
(absolutely CLASSIC FILM)

I’ll capture the memories you didn’t even notice.

When me and Sarah (my much better half) were planning our wedding, we had family from Australia, Canada, London, Yorkshire and the Canary Islands. These are people we love and wish we could see more of. We didn’t want to spend time on the day standing and looking at a camera, we wanted to play table tennis, chat, eat, do shots at the bar and play giant Jenga (you get the idea). So that’s the way I shoot for others!

The spontaneous, those ‘in the moment’ small looks that can’t be faked or forced are the images I love the most. I believe those are the images that will be most treasured in years to come. I still love looking at my own wedding photos to see how Sarah looks at me, to see the joy amongst my family and to see everyone being themselves.   

All the above is a long way of saying I photograph people being themselves. Laughing, crying, dancing whatever. That loud friend from Uni who gets drunk way too early, yep you guessed it, they will be photographed at the bar rather than standing still looking at me. Think natural habitat!

Picture this, you wake up the morning after your wedding and (*delete as appropriate*) unzip your glamping pod / head down from your hotel room / open your cabin door, you start chatting about the wedding. You will probably say some or all of the following;

  • I can’t believe little Timmy had a bite of the cake before we even saw it.
  • How drunk was Lisa (remember the Uni friend mentioned above?)
  • Did you know Uncle John could dance like that?
  • Who spilt beer on the baby?

For days after the wedding you discuss all this with friends, work colleagues, the postman etc. You love thinking back to the day and how fun it was. Then your wedding photos come back and it’s you looking at each other standing next to a random tree feeling awkward, the wedding dress hanging from that same tree, your guests standing in a line looking straight at the camera and so on. Wouldn’t you rather see photos of all the random and fun stuff you have chatted about for weeks? If you answered yes, maybe my style is the way to go.

Stuart & Sam

Does this sound like you and your wedding? Get in touch, tell me about your wedding and I can’t wait to get to know you both better.