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Best of 2021 North East Wedding Photography

Check out some of my favourite images from 2021 by scrolling below, or to skip straight to the photos click here. These are just my favourites (they make me smile or interest me), not necessarily my couples favourites or award winning or anything like that. You can also check out a slideshow here if you are more of a ‘click play’ and sit back kinda person.  

I remember as 2020 came to a close, writing about how crazy the year had been. Well I am going to repeat myself here for my best of 2021 blog post (although thankfully it’s crazy for different reasons). 2021 started fairly slow, a nervous tension in the air with lockdowns and uncertainty still looming. Weddings couldn’t go ahead or could only go ahead with small numbers in exceptional circumstances (I forget which, but basically you couldn’t have a wedding), pretty scary for me, my supplier friends and of course my couples! However fast forward to the end of June and I was back on dance floors, surrounded by hundreds of wedding guests, very happy couples and just like that the wedding industry was starting the busiest 6 months we have ever experienced. 

The Year it all went crazy!

Luckily, we ended 2021 with large weddings still going ahead and I feel extremely lucky that I was able to photograph all my weddings this year and avoided any last minute issues. I was very excited as I started my wedding season, never before have I had such a long gap without a wedding. Honestly I missed them so much, it was helped by having some amazing weddings in June. Starting with the wonderful marquee wedding of Immy & Phil and then the DIY barn wedding of Nicole & Sam. It’s also my birthday in June (not important here) so it was just a good month in general. BUT it was crazy, I photographed more weddings in 6 months than I would in a usual entire year, more weddings in a row than I would normally book and some crazy traveling thrown in. So yes I am exhausted but I am still standing and looking back now to pick my ‘best’ of 2021 I realise just how fun the weddings have been.  

From July onwards it went crazy, full dance floors, people finally reunited and definitely making the most of it. As someone who loves to capture the emotion, it was amazing, so many family and friends who hadn’t seen each other, so many fun moments as we all started to leave the house for the first time in what feels like forever. (Picture the scene as Gollum leaves his cave). 

New additions (the growing family).

We were back with a bang, seeing industry friends, couples who have changed dates several times finally getting married and just being back out and earning was so amazing. I also welcomed my son, George into the world, 2 kids under 2 made things interesting! He is a little cutie though (please say he will sleep through soon!).

Why am I waffling on so much? Well this year has been crazy, but also one of the best for me in terms of the weddings I have photographed and I want to document the craziness of the past year so I can look back. 

The soppy thanks.

I want to finish by saying a huge thank you to all the suppliers, new and old who have helped me get through this year, and my family who have done more babysitting than they ever imagined. I wouldn’t have made it through without all of you. Sarah actually came to a wedding with me as a second shooter (and did amazingly) and it was a lot of fun to work with her. I made it through December even with my ruptured Achilles (another test for 2021!) and we were able to see family at Christmas. What a fabulous end to a mostly fabulous year. 

To all my 2021 couples, you were more amazing than you know and I can’t believe this is my job. Thank you for trusting me and for all your kind words and support. 

If I am photographing your wedding in 2022 I will be in touch in January and trust me when I say I can’t wait for your wedding! 2022 is going to be amazing and busy, but in a good way. 

Award Winning Year End

A final bit of self praise to end on. I still can’t believe it, but in 2021 I was nominated by the prestigious New York based Rangefinder magazine as a Rising Start of wedding photography (trust me you won’t have heard of them, but for wedding photographers it’s beyond huge!). Just to be nominated was incredible. I also picked up my first award from Photographers Keeping It Real which was lovely as they specialise in documentary photographers.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone and fingers crossed for an amazing 2022.  



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