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Deepdale Farm Wedding

Deepdale Farm – DIY Barn Wedding

I can still remember the excitement of the first weddings without restrictions, over a year of rules, couples compromising on numbers for their weddings and no dance floors, I almost started to forget how weddings used to be. It was really emotional seeing people back in larger groups and for me the busy dance floor was the point when I realised just how much I had missed the atmosphere.

Nicole & Sam chose one of my favourite wedding barn venues, Deepdale farm in York. Full of personal touches, a glamping village and an evening party like no other. I love the relaxed vibe at Deepdale and it suited Nicole & Sam perfectly. To add to the personal touches they chose to have a legal ceremony in a church, followed by a ceremony at Deepdale led by a friend (something I love).

**A little insight into a photographers mind coming up** I think most wedding photographers are swayed by their own life events and personal experiences when it comes to photography. We may have bias towards children for example if we have our own. For me, my parents getting divorced when I was 4, living with my mum and step dad from age 8 and seeing that ‘step’ parent lifestyle firsthand. So when Sams daughter made a speech and spoke about her relationship with Nicole it was definitely a moving moment for me. I will be writing a blog post soon (maybe a video??) on shooting bias and personal circumstances.

Party time!

I know I discuss it a lot, but I do love the party. I stay late as I believe it’s a huge part of the day and a lot of my couples look forward to the evening and spent a lot of planning time on the party. Nicole & Sam were looking forward to finally celebrating with all their guests and they certainly did. Another insight into the bias is my background in festivals and live music photography (probably why I love the evening so much).

A final shout out to the guests who did the worm on the dance floor, I think the drink helped to limit the blow from the concrete floor!

A huge thanks to Nicole & Sam for letting me in and having me along for the day. Of course a big thanks to all the suppliers as well (full list below). Thanks to my good friend and wonderful photographer Margarita for second shooting on this one.

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